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    Here is a sample of the free legal resources available to the public. Even then, a trained attorney can assist you in understanding the complex interaction of laws, regulations and cases, both at the state and at the federal level.

    California law
    LegInfo is where you can find out how California organizes its laws into twenty-nine difference sections, called codes.Regulations by the state can be found at the California Code of Regulations, organized into twenty-eighttitles.
    The California courts have a number of cases, only a fraction of which are “published” and reported. Google scholar provides a free tool to see current cases.

    Federal law
    If you want to see what Congress is currently doing, allows you to examine every current bill in various ways. Current federal law is organized into the United States Code.Congress puts every single law passed since 1790 in a series of books called Statutes at Large.Every Congressional regulation can be found at the Code of Federal Regulations.